Friday, January 4, 2008

Las Vegas Job

Recently, I got a job working in Las Vegas for Michael Mann and Dante Spinotti - two of my favorite film makers - and spent 4 nights shooting from 2 PM to 6 AM. It was my first time in Vegas without being under the legal age, and so I got to spend some quality time in the casinos at 7 AM after getting off work with Jeremy:

I had a great time playing Roulette, and scoring chick-dudes off the strip. Hahahaa, just playing.

The cars on the job would get up to 150 MPH and then we shot a huge crash sequence. It was amazing to see these pro's working. Here's some more fotos:

Working for myself and maintaining creative control over my work is great, but working for famous people has it's upsides for sure.

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