Sunday, January 13, 2008

Skate Daze + Footage

These days it's not so rare to take the day and go downtown or wherever to film tricks. It's been good lately, and having a camera has proven to be a huge motivating factor in getting tricks on film. Today Jeremy, Beto, Adriano, Ryan, Ricks, and his crew and I went and skated up a homemade spot in Temple City. (Where the heck was mohawk/motorcycle Dave?) Two ledges with stressed angle-irons about to puncture you on every trick. Beto didn't seem to mind - at all. Here are the first and second times he did the line. So sick, he makes my filming look good. Haha!

Jeremy Cannon is sick. I've been trying to put together a small part for myself and Sterling, because I think it's important to document the things you love, even if you suck at them compared to the pros. Whatever. Along the way, I picked up this footage of Jeremy. Enjoy.

More fotos from today (thanks Beto).


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Daaamnn! Goodshit w/ the updates! Shit is like 6 hours new! Ouhhweee!