Wednesday, January 9, 2008

PF Flyers - Run Faster & Jump Higher

Remember PF Flyers? Started by BF Goodrich - the tire guy - by canvas footwear in the early 1930's. They patented the super comfy insole under Posture Foundation which became popular as the "PF." In the 1960's, this popular gym shoe was found more on the street as a comfortable alternative to oxfords and loafers.

It was later on that Pro Keds, and Converse All Stars hit the market under the same "performance enhancing" footwear marketed to athletic enthusiasts.

Sterling and I went to the canvas store in Malibu, a store trying to continue the tradition of the PF Flyer with a new release, the Albin - designed to be worn by the leaders of art and rock n roll. Check out this video for more details on the release of this shoe. Here are some fotos to check out while you sit in your chair at work waiting earnestly for escape. Thanks.

All info courtesy of Sterling Bartlett.

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