Sunday, January 27, 2008

Security + Footage

What does "security" mean? It's not security for people, so much as security for the business. Jeremy and I went to the Staples Center downtown yesterday to get some footage. This security guard came to kick us out, and he was hilarious. He was more interested in my camera than the fact that Jeremy was ripalizing. Trying to skate during a Garth Brooks concert is one of the most annoying/brutally retarded things ever. Bro's and ho's, in cowboy hats yelling and "woooooooooo"-ing. Wow.

Every time you go out to skate, you do the same song and dance.
"You can't skate here." 
"Oh really?" 
"Yeah there are signs everywhere." 
"Oh, I didn't see any signs." 
"There's one right there." 
"Oh, ok, we'll leave."

This security guard didn't go that route, he utilized the bro-down high road. "Hey bro's it's cool with me."  Gotta appreciate that.

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austin said...

high five! haha... classic.