Sunday, January 6, 2008

Echo Park - Rain

It's been raining for three days straight now, which is a blessing considering that when it rains, the neighbors who live not five feet from my window stop working on the new addition to the garage/house/livingroom/garage. I usually wake up to the sound of nail guns, and the puzzled expressions of old Mexican men/boys looking at me while I slumber. It's weird to know that these people have seen me naked more than girls I've dated, but that's life. I'm pretty well used to it by now, and was pleasantly surprised to find out they don't work on rainy days or sundays. Today was a rainy sunday, so... Wait a second; by the nature of the well-respected double-negative, doesn't that necessitate working? Anyway, everything, including my laundry, my dog, and my neglected skateboard is wet these days, and it's great. Murph got a haircut and a bath, and I went out to scour some photos with the handy use of Jeremy's huge umbrella. Enjoy.

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