Thursday, January 31, 2008

Skate Sesh Ending Early

When you see this face, it is time to end the session immediately and head to your local Jack In The Box - or what have you. This face symbolizes three main things. 1) Late for something important 2) Gotta take a fat dump 3) Neeeeed Fooooood.

I've made this face a million times before.
This session was epic though. Thanks Austin for the fotos.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coachella Sucks

I feel like Coachella keeps getting worse... I mean come on. Jack Johnson? Ouch. Coachella reached their peak a couple years ago. Let's face it, the best place to see bands these days, is at record store - in house - shows, and at Spaceland or the Echo for free on monday nights. Jack Johnson headlines Coachella... Never thought I'd see the day. Wow.

As a side note, I do appreciate some of the smaller names on the bill, but for a headliner, you want to see a band up there that actually makes you stoked to go. You don't want to go all the way down to the desert and see a bunch of cool bands all to be ended by a piece of crap band do you? That would be like the last Coachella I went to where Tool headlined. I left early with Beto, but ouch..... Tool. Ok, I've said enough.

The bands I'm actually stoked on: Tegan & Sara, Spank Rock (yeah, again), Minus the Bear, Vampire Weekend, M.I.A., Hot Chip, VHS or Beta, Chromeo, Jusice, Metric, The Streets (yeah, I do like the streets), Cool Kids, Shout Out Louds (gotta give my love yo), Diplo, and The Raconteurs.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Diesel / Mean + Footage

Here's a video/blurb by Sterling Bartlett and yours truly.

Video - Photo Set

Murph's Territory + Fotos

Murph has a problem with marking his territory. Ever since he learned how to lift his leg not two months ago, he's been going pee-crazy. Just takes a piss on anything that looks, or smells like NOT his piss. I went on a walk, and snapped a foto every time he took a piss, and even missed a couple because of how fast he is, but got these here. Enjoy - I know Murph did.

Murphy loves treats...

...but hates being a treat.

Gourmet - NFN

Sterling just educated me on a couple of shoes that I really really want. The sad part is being a semi-student, and having no money. Gourmet is releasing some of the old Jordan 13, and 7 silhouettes with a re-designed wino exterior with super limited branding, and very classy colorways. Mmmmmm. Tasty.

Sweet iPhone

If you didn't know, this is what my iPhone looks like.

I was at a movie theater, when I dropped it trying to take a picture of some retarded bumper sticker. That pissed me off. Anyway, Jeremy has been having phone troubles too, because his phone sucks and I told him to get one of the NEW iPhones, like the one I have, because it's so much better than his razor. So he got a new iPhone just like me!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Shark-diel Week

For those of you who frequent the Epicly Later'd blog, you'll be pleased to know that coming up are the much anticipated John Cardiel episodes. This graphic kills me. Cardiel - post head injury - is eating Ryan Sheckler - skateboarding playboy/clownfag. Can't wait.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Security + Footage

What does "security" mean? It's not security for people, so much as security for the business. Jeremy and I went to the Staples Center downtown yesterday to get some footage. This security guard came to kick us out, and he was hilarious. He was more interested in my camera than the fact that Jeremy was ripalizing. Trying to skate during a Garth Brooks concert is one of the most annoying/brutally retarded things ever. Bro's and ho's, in cowboy hats yelling and "woooooooooo"-ing. Wow.

Every time you go out to skate, you do the same song and dance.
"You can't skate here." 
"Oh really?" 
"Yeah there are signs everywhere." 
"Oh, I didn't see any signs." 
"There's one right there." 
"Oh, ok, we'll leave."

This security guard didn't go that route, he utilized the bro-down high road. "Hey bro's it's cool with me."  Gotta appreciate that.

Reebok Pumps

You may remember stepping on the playground/courts and seeing kids getting ready to play - pumpin fat tongues. The skate-fashion version of this was stuffing tongues from older shoes underneath the tongue of your shoes. "Dope 'em out" - AKA the Geoff Clough. I just did a photo shoot of the new Reebok pumps for Mean Mag. Check 'em.

Thanks to Sterling for the hook up.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Rambo is Back + Fotos

As you may know, the new Rambo came out today. They have been marketing the movie with a very "street" style stencil ad. Everywhere I go, I see these posters. This is what the original Rambo Stencil looked like. Lately, I have been noticing some of the Rambo posters around town have been tagged on. Some people went around at night and painted peace signs on the hand next to Rambo, which was what I think to be a very creative way to mess with advertising. But in the past two days, as the release date came closer, I noticed that more and more of the Rambo posters have been messed with. Check it out:

Nose Slide + Sequence

Motley Bird + Update

Here are the final Motley Bird bottle promo fotos. Again, thanks to Austin for staying up late and getting all pro on me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


There's a new PBF comic you should check out. He updates them weekly most of the time. I'll keep you posted.

Orange 20 + Ride On

I'm sure you've seen these pieces in Silver Lake and around town. Chickens on bicycles riding around the city. The artist lives here in LA, and I just found out, is obviously into fixed gear stuff -- and vegan stuff. I think it's a growing combo these days to be both at least vegetarian and a bicycle enthusiast. The art portrays chickens having the time of their lives on their bicycles riding on "forever" instead of being eaten I guess...

Anyway, I was at the 20 getting myself a 15mm wrench, when I saw it. A top bar cushion hand painted with the same chickens on bikes. On my way home, I must have seen 50 chickens by the same guy. The "Ride On" art is concentrated around areas that fixie groups hang around. For instance, you won't see the chickens riding down Hoover, but you will see them right off Sunset or Heliotrope. I like the color schemes of some of the art, but I think the style is kinda played out. The Kid Robots of our generation are taking over fine art. That's why I admire those paintings under the bridge by the echoplex. Giant faces in detail. And I love that giant moto-cop on the freeway saying "Slow Down." It's a tragedy, but some retard spray painted over that with a super soaker. Anyway, I do like the art because it's "cute" and it is a chicken on a bike. I like that. So here are some more chickens on bikes.

The one is still an egg.

Mad Murph

This is no joke, he rides around the neighborhood taunting children and stealing kittens from their mother's milk. He comes home late at night with bullet wounds, and when I ask what happened he tells me not to worry about it. I don't know for sure, but I think I owe him money -- which scares me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joker Found Dead

Heath Ledger was found dead just about 15 minutes ago in New York. I guess pills were involved. A man in a black suit and cape was seen exiting the window. Here's the full story. Or this one.

Austin Meets LA

Austin and I rode our bikes down to Seven Grand -- I had left my credit card at the bar the night before with my tab open.  Of course because the tab was still open, I ended up leaving a hefty tip against my will.  Anyway, Austin snagged these fotos in Echo Park near my house.

Ghetto Vons

Smashed Lemon

Siiiiiiiick Son!

Wall Ride + Sequence

When Austin was up here, all he did was shoot with his camera. And me being the only person around, he took most of his pictures of me. That's just to say that now I have over a thousand fotos of myself, and posting blogs for the next little while may begin to seem rather self-gratifying, and that's fine. I'm really just showing off my brother's keen eye for taking a sweet picture, which may lead to a lack of intellectual content.

All that said, here's more shots by Mr. Curtis, of Mr. Curtis -- that's "the Curtis way"

Dancing on Air

Sometimes when you fall off of a skateboard you do a little dance.

Hard Flip

Monday, January 21, 2008

Motley Bird + Fotos

I was hired by Motley Bird to shoot some product fotos for their new promotional packets. They came out pretty good. Austin's Macro lens works wonders for this kind of photography. It's hard to get the light reflections on the bottle just right. I'm still messing around with them, but here's a sample of the shots we got. Enjoy. -- I know I am enjoying having a fridge full of them. Special thanks to Austin for his help and Brooke for the gig. Note: These aren't done yet - this is work in progress.

Late Night Gems + Fotos

Austin was in LA for the past three days, and I think we took more photos than we had planned/ever taken before. Skating, product, and random night life were the subjects. For foto nerds out there, Austin brought the Mark 1DS with a 100mm Macro, a 13mm fisheye, and an EF telephoto (100mm-250mm I think). I shoot a 20D with an 18mm-55mm lens. It was a blast shooting something other than a piece of crap stock lens. I took the long lens out in echo park on saturday night and ran into Colin and Cameron. That was sweet. I guess there was a Cool Kids show at the Echoplex. This one of the guy and girl trying to start their little moped is my favorite. Click on it for a larger view - she was pissed. Anyway, here are some of the gems from that night. Enjoy.