Monday, January 14, 2008

Night Walk + Fotos

It was a warm night last Saturday, and before Sterling, Jeremy, and I went our separate ways for the evening, we hung out at the house and took a couple fotos before Sterling and I made our way out for a midnight stroll - at which time it became what we call "freezing cold" as usual.

Trying out the new, small, girly, white, circa-1970's-pimp, leather jacket.


Sterling and I went to the local liquor store to get some delicious delectables. We grabbed a few snaps on the way.

Shredding the gnar down Lake Shore. Never scared of going too fast - once clocked him at over 30 mph easily from my car knowing I'd seen him go faster nights before.

Catching some reflections here and there - he shortly thereafter phoned home.

This guy had an old-ass pair of Etnies on with no laces --
"What kind of shoes are those?" "Just bum shoes. What's in the case?"

CVS -- My landlord works here - figure that one out.

Crap - missed call from ******.

Hero shot.

Somehow the best skate shoe?


"You mean to tell me that you don't sell individual glasses of carrot juice?" --
"Sir, I wouldn't have even parked here.."

I've seen this guy over a million times. He crosses the street every time the light is green obsessively.

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ajewell said...

i like that jacket...