Wednesday, January 9, 2008

adidas - A. Pommier

Adidas is at it again. They have been involved in the arts for a while now, progressing the collaborations between artists, and footwear. Their team is so on point right now, it's retarded. The adidas Values Project was one of the first large scale art colabs of many to come. I am lucky enough to be working for Mean Magazine and get to see all the new stuff that they are throwing into their new issues - including shoes. This month, I was hired by Mean to shoot photos of the new shoe by adidas + Andrew Pommier. They are sick. The combination of vulcanized sole, with Chuck Taylor toe caps, and artist's renderings make this line of shoes hard to put down. When I first saw them, I have to admit, I wasn't too keen, but now after taking these photos, and staring at them, and seeing the intricate detail that went into the designing and assembly of the shoe, I'm stoked on them.

This shoe is designed around the art of A. Pommier. The shoes are completely covered in his drawings. You should check out his myspace page as well - some sick videos on there.

Because they are from space aliens, and not made my human hands, I made them feel at home in the following set of photographs. Hopefully there will be more posts like this on the blog soon. For more information, check out next month's issue of Mean, or go buy these at the adidas Originals store or here. (I don't know the release date, but I'll post it later.)

Please do not abuse these images. Thanks.

I've also just added a photo of the sweater which accompanies the shoes. Done by the same artist, it has very detailed black print of the rendered drawings. They are hard to see from afar, which adds to the unique design.

Special thanks to Sterling Bartlett for the shoes.


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