Monday, December 31, 2007

San Francisco Show & Tell

          "San Francisco Show & Tell"
Sterling Bartlett - art connoisseur and obsessive contemplative - puts the finishing touches on the dildo - probably, well, one, if not the major focal point of this piece.

In November, this piece was shown in the AGGRO art exhibit, which premiered artists from Phoenix, AZ - such as Sterling here - in Los Angeles. This was a show that was all about putting your balls to the wall(s), which isn't that hard considering the art on said walls.

When I first saw this piece - a compilation between heir Bartlett and Glen Allen - I thought, "wow, they are totally doing it, underwater, in and around sea life." Not too insightful, but honest nonetheless.

I am proud to own several of Sterlings works, and recommend that you join me in destroying all else.

To contact Sterling for his artwork, you can find him on or lurking at the T.F. in highland park.

Sterling's Specs

               This hurts my brain!
Months ago, Sterling and myself worked on a job for basically nothing, no seriously, I think it was nothing. Crap! Anyway, we got paid nothing, which sucks for the amount of work we put in, and shot on a short film. Well, I left my glasses and my light meter in the producer's car. I have called the guy a million times, but we are never in the same place at the same time. So, I decided to wear Sterling's Glasses as we drank copious amounts of beer that night. Maybe it's me, but I thought I was wearing them all night.... I'm also sure Sterling needed them - to see.

Here's to Sterling and I getting new/my specs.... soon.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lets Hope Not


I have been taking a lot of photos lately of reflected glass and water. I know there is no way that this is just for no reason because my brother, has posted several things about this look on his blog recently as well. I hope this idea is manifested into some kind of film project soon. You hear me Austin!? Come to LA for a day, and lets shoot photos! That goes for anyone who loves photography and wants to spend the day shooting with me. Come on down.

This photo was taken while I was B-CAM operator for a short film called Essential Life. I thought it was pretty interesting to shoot a photo of myself reflected in a hearse. But let's hope not eh?

Nicholas Gurewitch

Nicholas Gurewitch is one of the most inventive and hilarious comic artists of our time.  He uses stylized drawings to poke fun at what we expect to be happening.  There is always something else in the subtext, which is what I love about his work.  There are some where he consistently uses ordinary objects as the heads of the characters in the comics to personify people:

"Genius Sir"


"Hard Read"


Gurewitch makes references to video games and old TV shows as well to make the reader laugh by altering the original intent of the cartoon or game:

"Secret Mutant Hero Team"

"Mario Too"

"Punch Bout"

I could go on and on.  For more by The Perry Bible Fellowship, go check the website at

Adidas Gazelle Consortium

Adidas has released a new Gazelle Indoor shoe that is amazing. With a clear rubber sole, and CMYK colorways, this shoe is going straight onto my must have list.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

La Jetée

Austin told me about this film and it has kind of haunted me ever since. I love the ideas and the methods used in this film. Experimentation with time, space, memory, insanity, images, and age are deconstructed in this thrilling film fabricated by the use of photographs instead of moving images. Voice over tells the story as if it is all just a book with photos. I am loving this method more and more each time I watch it. Here are some screenshots.

new maiden shoes