Monday, December 31, 2007

San Francisco Show & Tell

          "San Francisco Show & Tell"
Sterling Bartlett - art connoisseur and obsessive contemplative - puts the finishing touches on the dildo - probably, well, one, if not the major focal point of this piece.

In November, this piece was shown in the AGGRO art exhibit, which premiered artists from Phoenix, AZ - such as Sterling here - in Los Angeles. This was a show that was all about putting your balls to the wall(s), which isn't that hard considering the art on said walls.

When I first saw this piece - a compilation between heir Bartlett and Glen Allen - I thought, "wow, they are totally doing it, underwater, in and around sea life." Not too insightful, but honest nonetheless.

I am proud to own several of Sterlings works, and recommend that you join me in destroying all else.

To contact Sterling for his artwork, you can find him on or lurking at the T.F. in highland park.

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