Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Scream Man + Footage

This frickin jerk with his damn ice cream truck. During the school year, this guy parks right outside my house and plays his frickin song super loud. I've been trying not to be passive-aggressive lately as a resolution, so I went out and asked him to leave. He parks down the street half a block now to appease me. This is no good. I can still hear it. When I get close to his converted Astro-Van "ice cream truck" he turns off his "entertainer" music. It attracts kids around here like Will Smith attracts "dark seekers" and "fans." Uughh. Anyway, this frickin guy pisses me off, so now whenever he comes to my street, I bring my camera to his van and freak him out a little. This guy better pray I don't find out where he lives. Two words: Bull Horn.


AnnaMaria said...
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AnnaMaria said...

too many* freakin' sounds. (what i meant to say)

haha good shit.

Harper Fitzgerald said...

That was awesome. Too many freakin' sounds. You are awesome Curtis.