Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RICKS - Behind the Grind

Ricks -- Skate, write, destroy, create, define - on a daily basis. These days, simply riding a skateboard is not enough - Ricks + S.A.C. are creating art and good energy on the scene and world of skateboarding, plus offering kids a family under Skate All Cities.

The collaboration between the arts and skateboarding has always been on the rise, and until recent years, hasn't been truly treated as valid. I guess you could say that the same goes for graffiti writing. It is mostly seen as menacing, and detrimental to society - not exactly "art". I have to admit, when I read "crack baby" tagged on my sidewalk and gate this morning, I wasn't thinking, "Wow, I should frame this." It was more like, "Where's that idiot, so I can kick his ass." But there's a huge difference between shitty tagging like that, and the art these guys are creating. S.A.C. has been around for years now, recruiting several very talented skaters and putting out tons of boards for the team.

It seems that every time I see him, Ricks is always flipping me off. That's because I'm always trying to take his photo. He's never been about hating on people as far as I know him, and knows the struggles of working the 8-5 grind. But somehow, this guy makes time to skate, and make sick art for S.A.C. Collaboration is number one - bringing each other up, and combining the eclectic worlds of skateboarding and graffiti into one dominating force.

The boards are in high demand, and therefore, sold out at the moment.  Ricks is always selling them for near at-cost price.  Im sure the guy is in the hole by now, with people always looking for the "bro" hookup.  In other words, they want to be a part of it, without paying up.

Happy birthday Benter!

Everyone in this photo is Asian -- They even adopted Bento into the RBP.

At Sterling's art show -- AGGRO.

Getting Beto to drink shots is impossible unless your name is Ricks.

Even I get BGP's every once in a while. Hah.

Check out all the sick vids up on youtube now, or you can contact S.A.C.

More on this guy and the vision behind S.A.C. coming soon...

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Self-Made said...

Yo, you need to be a writer! Godamn son! I don't think I can write like that in my prime days back in high school! LOL! Thank you for the kind words and much appreciated! And it does look like I flip everyone off all the time! Bwahahhaha, I don't hate...