Sunday, January 6, 2008

Conehead - Stephen Tamiesie

One of my best friends - Stephen Tamiesie - is a great photographer, and recently took a trip to LA, where we proceeded to illegally park numerous times downtown. In the daytime, there is literally nowhere to park without having to return to your vehicle momentarily out of paranoia. The city makes so much bank off of parking tickets, and it's been one of my downfalls. Anyway, I got my last parking ticket ever last week. It was Jeremy and my resolution to never get another parking ticket. So, back to our trip to downtown. We were shooting random stuff, and Stephen mentioned that he had just been taking tons of shots of cones. Street cones are great. They are triangular, bright, and everywhere.

I can't wait to see the shots he got that day, as he was shooting on a medium format Hasselblad camera, and I was shooting on my digital. All this to say that I was downtown the other day and shot this cone because whenever I see one, I have to shoot it. Just to laugh and show Stevezie. Anyway, it's obviously nothing special, but here it is:

Here are some of the other photos we took the day he was in town:

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