Monday, January 28, 2008

Shark-diel Week

For those of you who frequent the Epicly Later'd blog, you'll be pleased to know that coming up are the much anticipated John Cardiel episodes. This graphic kills me. Cardiel - post head injury - is eating Ryan Sheckler - skateboarding playboy/clownfag. Can't wait.


austin said...

that dudes gallery of pictures is crazy cause their just snap shots, but somehow, the fact that they are hanging in a gallery makes them so cool! some of them are great photos, but in my opinion, most of them just suck. all in all though, i really like his work - and i REALLY appreciate it.

Garret Curtis said...

wow, i can sense a tiny bit of sarcasm in your last sentence. haha.. check the video blog and that hatred of success will transform into respect for the living.