Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stance of a Lifetime

So I'm flipping through the latest and greatest in the new Flaunt, and there she is.  The most recognizable stance to date.  The Annie stance.  I ran to the fridge to find the evidence on a polaroid buried under a bunch of Jeremy's "mullet collection" magnets.  Thought I'd share what I found.  

But while we're on the subject of stance, I thought we'd discuss the matter.  I've always thought it a very important trait.  How one holds him/herself in the context of life varies from situation to situation.   I used to watch people take a piss at the urinal when I was a kid to see how people stand.  Sounds weird now, but next time you're greeting the wall-john, take a look around.  It's eerie.  Some men hold the wall (usually for drunk assistance), for some dudes, hands on hips will work.  The cultural awareness of bacteria has definitely effected the placement of hands these days, but still, every once in a while, you get this creepy old guy who comes in the men's room and doesn't give a crap (well, does - later, but, well, you know.)  I saw one guy knock on the urinal to check it's sturdiness.  I think he was well-pleased.

And while we're on the subject of the quiet encounter of taking a piss, I have a quite relevant story.  I was taking a piss at USC campus at almost 11 PM.  It was dark and quiet and I had just picture-locked a film I was working on when an older man came up and decided against the loneliness of the stall, and took a piss beside me.  I don't ever look left or right in such a situation, I simply try to focus on keeping the sound of my stream constant to avoid the ever-embarrassing stage fright scenario.  Anyway, I can feel this guy staring at me - he must be 10 inches from my face.  So I have no choice but to protect my territory and look back toward him.  When who do I see?  Mr. Fava Beans himself; Anthony Hopkins.  I went home and watched Manhunter.

Anyway, I get off topic easily.  Here are the photos I found.  If you've ever met her, you'll know how funny this is.  You can catch her standing like this only if you have a keen eye for it.

Hahahaahah.... oh, sorry.


austin said...

dude, what in the heck. you met anthony hopkins in the frigging men's room? thats awesome. did you piss yourself? haha. did you talk to him? or did you obey the unsaid no-talking rule?

ajewell said...

You are in so much trouble right now. My arms are akimbo in fury...