Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BGGC Signature Series

Usually, when I've had a bit too much to drink, I grab my camera and take retarded photos. In the morning, I have a full CF card, and a headache. Scrolling through the photos is sort of like looking back into your dreams. You thought you had forgotten that moment, but then you remember, "Oh yeah, that really did happen." I like taking notes, making videos of friends and I, and taking photos when I start forgetting who I am, because it allows the camera to record whatever is in front of it. I think of these photos as drunk dials, or drunk emails that I wrote to myself. In the morning, you may regret it, but looking back you're pretty sure it's hilarious material at worst. I fear my friends won't want to come over now that I'm posting these photos, but I'm also sure that nobody who cares reads this anyway. I am calling these the BGGC Signature Series. The funnest part about these, is adding your own word bubbles to each photo - like "Sterling Gone Wild" down there.  Enjoy.

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austin said...

love the signature style!