Monday, January 21, 2008

Late Night Gems + Fotos

Austin was in LA for the past three days, and I think we took more photos than we had planned/ever taken before. Skating, product, and random night life were the subjects. For foto nerds out there, Austin brought the Mark 1DS with a 100mm Macro, a 13mm fisheye, and an EF telephoto (100mm-250mm I think). I shoot a 20D with an 18mm-55mm lens. It was a blast shooting something other than a piece of crap stock lens. I took the long lens out in echo park on saturday night and ran into Colin and Cameron. That was sweet. I guess there was a Cool Kids show at the Echoplex. This one of the guy and girl trying to start their little moped is my favorite. Click on it for a larger view - she was pissed. Anyway, here are some of the gems from that night. Enjoy.

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kennyhyder said...

you can fix the info and delete this comment bro: mark II N 1DS, 72-200, 100mm macro, 15mm fisheye. PEACE (from austin)