Friday, January 11, 2008


This is probably my favorite comic ever. Grammar is funny, and so is someone dying from eating too much cake.

If you've read the older blogs I have up, then you'll know how much I love the work of Nicholas Gurewitch and his weekly comic strip. He's known as one of the leaders in online comic strips, and had had tons of reviews about his humorous drawings. I've always wanted to have one of his comics printed and framed on my wall because it is such good humor that I wanted to be able to share it with people who come over without having to direct them to the website. So, I found a use for a broken Levi's sign that David Lauda and myself found in the garbage years ago. It is a neon sign that has a plastic cover over it that says Levi's. I had fixed it when I found it, and until recently, hung it on my wall. Murphy took care of that by knocking over a mirror which broke the light. I was about to throw away the neon light when I got an idea. Paint one of my favorite comics on the plastic, and make a light out of it. This was a weird project because since I was painting on plexiglas, I painted it backwards on the other side of the plastic, so that it is still shiny from the front.  

Here's what it looks like from the front:

This is the light fixture I took out of the Levi's sign.

This is what the painted side looks like.

One more coat of paint, and the light fixture is mounted back onto the plexiglas (super ghetto).

And finally, with the light mounted to the back, the light goes through the paint, to illuminate it from behind.  

It's not completely finished - I still have to put some sort of frame on the edges to conceal the exposed neon filament, but you get the idea.

Jeremy has been painting a ton too, which is weird considering that neither of us are really into painting. Here are some of his recent paintings:


sterling said...

great job. I cant wait to see that thing.

austin said...

Garret, you are a genius! Don't slack - make the frame. It better be done by the time I get there or I'll have your ass.