Thursday, January 24, 2008

Orange 20 + Ride On

I'm sure you've seen these pieces in Silver Lake and around town. Chickens on bicycles riding around the city. The artist lives here in LA, and I just found out, is obviously into fixed gear stuff -- and vegan stuff. I think it's a growing combo these days to be both at least vegetarian and a bicycle enthusiast. The art portrays chickens having the time of their lives on their bicycles riding on "forever" instead of being eaten I guess...

Anyway, I was at the 20 getting myself a 15mm wrench, when I saw it. A top bar cushion hand painted with the same chickens on bikes. On my way home, I must have seen 50 chickens by the same guy. The "Ride On" art is concentrated around areas that fixie groups hang around. For instance, you won't see the chickens riding down Hoover, but you will see them right off Sunset or Heliotrope. I like the color schemes of some of the art, but I think the style is kinda played out. The Kid Robots of our generation are taking over fine art. That's why I admire those paintings under the bridge by the echoplex. Giant faces in detail. And I love that giant moto-cop on the freeway saying "Slow Down." It's a tragedy, but some retard spray painted over that with a super soaker. Anyway, I do like the art because it's "cute" and it is a chicken on a bike. I like that. So here are some more chickens on bikes.

The one is still an egg.

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