Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nike iD - The "Perfect" Dunk

For those kids who love customized shoes and colorways, the vans, and nike online stores have introduced (a while back now) customization of some of their most classic shoes. I couldn't resist. The Nike store even lets you put up to twelve letters (they don't allow swearing of course) on the side of the shoe to add to the custom look and to give a feeling of creativity not inherent in changing colors of swooshes.

Keep in mind, I would probably never buy these - I think there are plenty of great colorways out there that aren't $110 + shipping. I just thought I hadn't lived until I put "WYONE" on the side of a sick shoe. Big ups to all the BG's at bar 107 - especially Pankake. I bet if he saw these, he would flip (no pun intended).

Anyway, after I finished making this shoe, I was frustrated with the lack of choices when it came to the "custom" features. So I looked online, and saw that my perfect custom shoe already exists. It had all the very intricate details that I would have loved to put on my custom Dunk, if they had been available. The Nike SB Harbor - swaying so far toward "custom" that they have a fuzzy collar and tartan siding. What was I thinking? I could make a better shoe than that? Here's the dunk.

And here's the aforementioned Harbor - teaching me that I don't actually need Nike iD afterall.

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