Friday, April 25, 2008

"X Marks the Box" + Footage

This morning, the mailman - aka, future trumpet player for the band "Mi Corazon" - walked up to my porch and left somewhat of a mystery box behind for me to be boggled by. I have no idea who sent this to me. I've tried handwriting analysis, secret coded messages, google maps, and straight up tearing the box apart. No clue whatsoever. If you sent me this, let me know so I know who to thank.
Here's what I DO know:
1. There are short, white, dog hairs in the lacquer coating, so this person probably has a white dog.
2. There is a long brown hair behind the coating as well, so whoever it is has long (10"-14") hair.
3. The word "FISHERIES" has been altered to say, "FISHIES" - which doesn't give me any clues, I just think that's hilarious.
4. A pencil-drawn bunny eating a blue easter egg with a spoon and fork is also hilarious.
5. When I googled the address, I was directed to a Yoga Instructor... Hmmmm.

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