Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Herpe Bathday + Footage

I dedicated yesterday to Hannah for her birthday, and although I wasn't anywhere near her, we partied hard. Check out our epic birthday sesh jam.

Happy Birthday Hannah!
-Master of Darkness Chrome Plated Custom-Fitted Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul on 22's


Anonymous said...

you are awesome.

grandarray said...

and happy birthday garret. i've been looking for my dueling gloves all week, my favorite switchblade (faux elkhorn handle from israel, SO illegal), and thank you. Its on Bitch. i'm listening to murph derrty right now, leaning on dro and remy, switch foot scrapin, woodgrain grippin, in my top hatted, candy painted, milkshake tapered scraper trike dipped in sauce. with a soda on the side. x.

grandarray said...

..i think your word verificaiton spamanator just hit on me. wtf. perverts.