Monday, February 25, 2008

San Diego on a Bike + Fotos

How would you like to ride your bike to San Diego, sleep on the ground next to your bike freezing cold, and then go back in the morning? Sounds fun right? Well, according to these photos, it was. I remember it a bit different than this though. All these photos were taken while riding my bike except the ones at the campground. Hmm, maybe it was fun.


Chad Cheverier said...

sounds fun to me, i would have gone. i am going to do a 50 mile bike ride in mexico april 19th i think. want to go?

austin said...

is this the trip you told me about? you got to the camp site under the assumption that someone had a tent or sleeping bag for you and then it turns out you have to sleep in your clothes on the ground? haha.. that sucks and sounds like fun at the same time!