Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Room Service + Fotos

Chad Riley, and Mike Jones are two of my best friends. We recently spent an un-namable amount of money at the Sunset Towers in Hollywood while Chad was staying there for work. We had the best time ever, followed up by Mike's car getting towed and a couple hours of waiting outside the tow yard in the rain. But besides, that, we ordered everything on the menu - I'm talking $50 steaks, and Ahi Tuna Tartare that would make your head fall off. If you have a strong stomach, check this one out too. It's chad's brand scar which reads SickYO! Enjoy.

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austin said...

sick! i love these guys. i admit, i'm jealous you got to hang out with them! i haven't seen either of them since cinqo de mayo! looks like you had fun!