Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mercury Retrograde

Legend has it that right now is "mercury retrograde" meaning that everything is all f-ed up. Supposedly, things breakdown, and communication gets lost. I have no idea about planets or stars or astrology, but at least it provides an excuse for my broken collar bone, my dog getting attacked in the park the point of almost getting killed, my laundry machine breaking, my bike getting the shit kicked out of it, my living situation becoming compromised, and my rear-veiw mirrors getting re-knocked off my car all within the narrow window of mercury's retro-activity.

I honestly don't take that too seriously. I'm under the persuasion that I have more influence over what's going on in my life - call me naive. But think about your life right now, are things going awry? If so, now you have something to blame it on. And the best part, is that you are blaming planets that are in space. Space son. That's the best thing to blame your problems on. Who knows, maybe they are to blame.

Here's a scene I directed with Ashley Johnson and Kyle Mooney.



Chad Cheverier said...

well at least we are going to see the Walkmen in one week and hanging out. link my blog already. then your life will get better, i promise.

Anonymous said...

Wow Garret, I can't believ that my son directed this sceene. Whoa- man is that good stuff. I am very impressed. Blown away. Very nice. Man. Wow. Love from Dad.