Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rainy Day Skating

Thanks Jeremy for this one.
It was raining, and we shot with two different cameras, this was the best one obviously with this sick lens we used.  This may be some of the worst footage ever. Enjoy skate filming that supercedes anything every shot by Ty Evans.


austin said...

My favorite parts:

1. gleaming the cube style - nice
2. the leather + mustache! booya
3. "you ready for this? no you're not."
4. introducing jeremy "wolf cloud" canon - hows that jacket man?!
5. the kickflip to puddle
6. when the cam follows jer's board and then he jumps in front of the camera
7. gar hitting head. ouch. too fast for a breakfall i take it. CRINGE!

Anonymous said...

Garret- i love it man!!!